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– Muhammad Ali (January 17, 1942-June 3, 2016)


What is Going On With Your Health Care?? Will You Still Have Coverage?? What You Need to Know Right Now!!

Good Day, All!

Welcome to the Roll Out to ‘Repeal and Replace’ The Affordable Care Act/OBAMACARE.

If You Are Concerned About the Future of Health Care, You Are Not Alone. The Health Care Act Released By The Current Republican Administration is Incomplete and Has the Potential to Increase the Number of Uninsured By 14 Million People in the Next Year.

The Goal of this Blog Post is to Get You Up-To-Date on What Health Care Coverage Rights You Currently Have, the Proposed Changes Brought Forth Under The American Health Care Act (AHCA) and What Actions You Can Take to Stay Abreast, Informed and Empowered in these Times of Turmoil and Uncertainty.

As Always,

Take Care. Be Safe. Be Well. Stay Informed.

Lisa Whitty Bradley, M.D., FACS
CEO & Founder
Chicks With MDs, LLC

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Wait, WHAT??? Was Obamacare Just Repealed??? What About THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT??

Happy New Year and Welcome!

If You Are Like Me, You Have Spent the Last Three Months, with Emphasis on the Last Seven Days, Glued to Your Major Source of News and Information; Trying to Keep Track of the Rapidly Changing Landscape of Our Government.

I Have Witnessed the Panic and Concern Over What Will, and Will Not, Be Covered Under the New Administration and Congress, And Wanted to Take This Time to Review Some Basic FACTS and RESOURCES Regarding Your Health Care Rights and Coverage.

So Let’s Take a Look at This Month’s Newsletter and Plan on Staying Informed and Engaged as Our Government Adjusts to its New Global Representative.

As Always,

Take Care. Be Well. Be Informed.

Lisa Whitty Bradley, M.D., FACS
CEO & Founder
Chicks With MDs, LLC

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The Next Wave of Value Based Medicine Reform is Here…..Are You Ready????

Hello, All!

Sorry for being absent for the last two months, but I have been busy working with two other Health Care Professionals on an Interactive Ebook that launches today with my first FireSide Chat, tonight on our Facebook page,

This first eBook is Geared Toward Providers Who Care for the More than 55 Million U.S. Citizens in the Medicare Part B Program.

Tune in Tonight at 8PM, EST, for a Brief, 10 Minute Chat on the Purpose, Function and Resources of the Ebook.

And If You Are Not a Provider, No Worries, Our Next Book, Scheduled for Early Spring is Structured to Assist the Patient with Navigating this Complex System We All Call Health Care.

Stay Tuned.

Be Well. Be Safe. Be Informed.

Lisa Whitty Bradley, M.D., FACS
CEO & Founder
Chicks With MDs, LLC

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Good Day, All! Please tune in tonight, 7:30, CST, for a FB LIVE on @TahWhitty for my interview with Tah Whitty of @tahkole and #ExpandToExperience *** Tah and Kole have created a platform and journey that are changing lives and expanding the opportunities of so many, through fitness, nutrition and a better state of being and living, physically and spiritually. *** I am grateful for the opportunity to have this platform to talk about my first published work, #AHumanStory, which has helped me expand my mind, heal many battle scars and explore a passion I had long ago forgotten. See you tonight! . . . . . #stellajonesparanormalromance #AHumanStory #tahkolefitness #TahKole #ExpandToExperience #PhysicianAndAuthor #IndependentAuthor #swinerpublishingco #DocSwiner #ChicksWithMDs #plasticsurgeon #PhysicianAndCEO #blackgirlauthors #blackgirlmagic #BlackGirlsRock #ParanormalRomance #ParanormalFiction #ParanormalFictionAuthors #Fiction #Romance

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Good Day, All! Thanks again to everyone who supported the creation and launch of my first book, AMAZON BESTSELLER, ‘ A Human Story’. This is the quote that leads into the first chapter. *** Please stay tuned for more excerpts, FB Live talks and sneak peeks! *** And, if you haven’t already, please pick up a copy of the book Link in BIO *** Paperback and audiobook COMING SOON! . . . . . #amazonbestseller #IndependentAuthor #Fiction #Paranormal #ParanormalRomance #Romance #RomanceNovel #ChicksWithMDs #Entrepreneur #Monday #HappyMonday #MondayMotivation #GoalDigger #Docpreneur #PhysicianAndAuthor #PhysicianAndCEO #bossMD #PlasticSurgeon #boardcertifiedplasticsurgeon #SwinerPublishingCo #DocSwiner #StayDopeAndFly

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