What is Chicks With MDs?

A Professional think tank to ensure the continued care, education and empowerment of patients.

Why is it Essential?

The current financial, political and social debates over healthcare have widened the divide between healthcare provider and patient.

This organization is structured to restore trust in the healthcare provider.  We will use our website and community outreach lectures to educate the patient base regarding health maintenance, disease prevention and how to aggressively and proactively treat acute and chronic conditions.

Our goal is not to replace your healthcare provider, but to assist you in your goal of obtaining the best and most up to date information regarding YOUR HEALTH.

It is our intent to empower you to take a more active role in your health and in so doing  improve the quality and longevity of your life, so that you many enjoy those things that mean the most to you.

Healthcare is not just something you receive; it is something that you also practice along with your healthcare provider.

What Can You Expect When You Visit Chicks With MDs?

There will be biweekly blog posts on a variety of topics, as well as news blasts of any urgent reports regarding changes in healthcare law, or changes that would affect the state’s ability or intent regarding implementation of Medicare or The Affordable Care Act (OBAMACARE).

When you subscribe to our site, and receive our blog posts,  you will have access to up to date briefings on medical interests, as well as any pertinent national and international current events.

You will also have access exclusive previews to literature published for, by and on our site.  There are also discounts offered for merchandise, electronic or otherwise, created for or by our site, when you subscribe.

There will always be a reference tab at the end of each article or post, so that you can review the source of anything that we analyze and critique.

In addition, there will be resource tab on the home page that will provide a list of all previous blogs, by date, as well as any websites and resources we have found to be beneficial to our readers.

In addition to medicine, you can also expect to see articles and posts pertaining to:

  • Food
  • Literature
  • Entertainment
  • Global and National Current Events
  • Fashion

How Can You Participate as a Subscriber?

We welcome and are honored to receive feedback.

Whenever you read an article on our site we look forward to your comments.

Please leave feedback and make suggestions for future posts, so that we can make sure that important and vital issues are being addressed.

The more we know about you and your needs, the better we can educate and share information.


Thank you for helping us in this vital and essential mission.

Lisa A. Whitty, M.D., FACS
CEO and Founder
Chicks With MDS




Photography Courtesy of Taylor Larue