I am Dr. Lisa Whitty Bradley.
I am a mother, wife, physician, author, entrepreneur
citizen and constant dream chaser.

This platform comprises all of my passions-medicine,
community engagement, advocacy for patients, physicians
and the medical community at large; as well as an outlet
for so many other pursuits of interest I have developed over time-fiction writing, blog posts, creating merchandise that allows me another creative outlet and a platform that allows me to explore ideas at whim.

I hope you enjoy and explore! Cheers 🥂

Lisa Whitty Bradley, M.D.

CEO & Founder

Chicks with MDs, LLC


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A professional think tank to ensure the continued care, education and empowerment of patients.

Loop Plastic Surgery

A professional business founded by Dr. Lisa Whitty that is dedicated to producing quality works surrounding plastic surgery. 

Stella Jones

Meet the author and order the Amazon best selling paranormal romance novel.

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Namaste, Sugah…….Welcome Back, or Into, the World of Yoga


When I Started Doing Yoga, I Really Just Wanted to be Able to Touch My Toes….But As the Years Have Gone By, My Relationship With Yoga Has Expanded to Become Not Only a Release, But A Lifeline, After I Was Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Yoga Restored Balance to My Body and Mind After a Truly Jarring and Life Altering Experience. And I Use the Principles I’ve Learned, Everyday, Whether or Not I Am on The Mat…… 

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